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8 yr old Friendship Tournament Information

8 Year Old Friendship Tournament Details

Come and support our local 8 Year Old's from Bayshore, Interbay, Keystone, Palma Ceia, and Tampa Bay Little League as they compete for the Annual 8 Year Old Friendship Tournament Championship! 

Tournament Brackets, times, and updates can be found on this page.

The tournament is scheduled to begin Saturday, May 22, 2021 and wrap up with the Championship Game on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. 


Volunteers needed for the 8YO Friendship Tournament

Click here to sign up to volunteer! Thank you!

8YO All Star Friendship Tournament Times and Locations

Click here for field location addresses

Saturday, May 22

Manhattan South 10AM IBLL@TBLL

Manhattan South 12:30PM BSLL@PCLL

Sunday, May 23

Manhattan South 2PM KSLL@IBLL

Manhattan South 4:30PM BSLL@TBLL

Monday, May 24

Manhattan South 6:30PM PCLL@KSLL

Tuesday, May 25

Manhattan South 6PM Semi Finals

Manhattan NORTH 6:30PM Semi Finals

Wednesday, May 26

Manhattan South 6:30PM Championship

Manhattan NORTH 6PM Consolation Game

Important information for parents and fans

Information for parents and fans

  • Provide details of the ‘Information for Parents and Fans’, in this document, or ask them to view it from our web-site
  • Provide the directions to the Field (located on the website)
  • Parking information -Parking is available in front of the fields on Manhattan, along W. Estrella near the track and at any of the public school parking lots adjacent to the fields.  The public schools are Mabry Elementary, and Coleman Middle School.  If fans choose to park in the residential areas please note that there are City of Tampa ordinances on certain streets that preclude parking more than 5-10 minutes.  Towed vehicles are not the responsibility TBLL
  • Anyone that displays unsportsmanlike conduct towards any umpire, coach, player, or fan will be ejected from the facility and may not be allowed to return for the duration of the tournament.
  • Concessions will be located at the 1560 S Manhattan Ave location from approximately 30 minutes prior to the games. 
  • All tournament facilities including fields are closed prior to the beginning of the tournament
  • All fields are off-limits except for scheduled games
  • No batting practice may take place prior to 8 am on any game day. Arrivals prior to 8 am must be respectful of the adjacent neighborhood – no music, no hitting on the field prior to 8 AM.
  • Each individual is responsible for removing all items brought onto the complex (especially trash)
  • TBLL is not responsible for any items left on the field or any personal belongings.
  • Lost and Found is maintained at the Concession Stand – no guarantees it will have what you lost.
  • Foul balls need to be retrieved and returned to the umpire.
  • Bleachers are available for seating.  Parents and fans are allowed to bring portable chairs with them to the TBLL Complex.  Their placement of chairs should not impede normal traffic or viewing from the bleachers. 


    Help us maintain the excellent quality of our facility and playing fields by:

  • Removing all trash from the dugout after each game
  • Reminding your parents, players, and fans to pick up all of their trash around the field after each game
  • Warm-up / play catch in the outfield only (not on the foul territory near your bench) -Pitchers may warm-up on the warning track or in the bullpens before and during the game
  • Do not hit any balls into the fencing or walls

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